Private LTE / CBRS (OnGo)

What would you do with nearly unlimited, natively secure bandwidth and data speeds?

The answer depends on your perspective and use cases, but the reality of this is coming more quickly than could have been predicted. For the Connected Enterprise, there is a new possibility to achieve extremely high, intrinsically secure bandwidth, due to the FCC’s ruling to deallocate a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that had previously been reserved for the U.S. Navy.  This 150 MHz (Megahertz) chunk of spectrum in the 3.5GHz (Gigahertz) will deliver extremely high speeds for as many enterprise applications as can be imagined.  This space in the spectrum is known as “CBRS” (Citizens Broadband Radio System), and has been branded by the CBRS Alliance as “OnGo”.  Another term for this is “Private LTE.”  Nevertheless, by comparison to 5G, in terms of hype and hope, there are more near-term possibilities for fulfilling immediate use cases with CBRS/OnGo.  There is so much optimism with respect to CBRS/OnGo, that the FCC has dubbed the frequency band as “The Innovation Band”.

Target deployment environments for CBRS include:

  • Large campus and mixed-use environments
  • Educational (K-12, higher education), including college campuses
  • Hospitality operators such as large chain hotels, resorts and casinos
  • Healthcare providers and large healthcare systems for HIPAA-compliant medical mobile technology and medical IOT
  • Multifamily and Mixed Use Developments (residential, retail, dining) developments
  • Open space / Public Space including urban revitalization and large parks
  • Large Venues, shopping malls/complex/promenade
  • Manufacturing and Transportation
  • Public utilities including electricity and water delivery, Oil and Gas
  • Download the attached whitepaper to learn more about how your enterprise can leverage CBRS for innovative and secure solutions

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