Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Increasingly, the world of mobility has become more about User Experience rather than basic connectivity.

Owners of skyscrapers, healthcare systems and hospitality ventures are being forced to evaluate how to improve the mobile UX by providing in-building or in-venue cellular signal.   Additionally, with 5G deployment now becoming mainstream, it requires the densification of nodes in order for the promise of 5G to become reality.  Nowhere is this more evident than inside structures, where low-E windows in LEED certified buildings can block or attenuate the external cell signal, causing QoE (Quality of Experience) issues.  This situation is only exacerbated by the proliferation of 5G and 5G mmWave outdoor cells sites. The reality of today’s market demands that  visitors, employees and residents have access to multi-carrier services.

WIN specializes in delivering maximum performance, multiple operator systems and connectivity backbones that support evolutionary applications within structures.

WIN brings the expertise of two decades of successful cellular system deployment to the arena.  We can provide technology advisory, planning and implementation services, as well as help you construct or improve your facility with a 5G capable network TODAY

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