Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Increasingly, the world of mobility has become more about User Experience rather than basic connectivity.

As a DAS Integrator for over twenty years, WIN Connectivity has the experience to help you solve the challenge of building neutral host, multi-operator coverage and capacity in your building or venue. Our DAS solutions are 5G-ready, robust and scalable architectures that allow you to focus on business velocity and be confident in your Users’ Experience.

In today’s world of technology, where nearly everyone has a smartphone or a tablet and many people rely on computers for work, cellular communications should focus on more than just basic connections. The User Experience (UX) should be a top priority. WIN Connectivity, as a Distributed Antenna System Integrator (DAS Integrator), wants to help. Our DAS solutions are ready to improve your User Experience while simultaneously providing a basis for new applications such as Smart Building Controls, advanced security solutions and other IoT applications to ensure your facility operates efficiently and safely.

What Are Distributed Antenna Systems?


Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are networks of antennas or nodes that are connected to a common commercial carrier (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile) signal source. These connected antennas are distributed throughout your structure and improve network coverage, increase performance and add capacity within your building or structure. These systems are both more efficient and more effective than a single antenna covering a wider area because they are specifically designed to operate by providing maximum signal coverage without overlapping.


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What is important in choosing a DAS?

It is important to ensure that the DAS deployed in your building is future-ready, today.

5G is the acronym for the 5th Generation of mobile / cellular telephony technology. It is set to augment (initially) and replace 4G/LTE functionality. It is a completely new technology that currently will enhance user experience, but will eventually obsolete existing technology delivering 4G/LTE. The 5G network is not backwards compatible with 4G/LTE and previous technology, and consequently requires a complete buildout of a brand new network. This is why it is important to ensure that the DAS deployed in your building is future-ready, today. WIN Connectivity, as an established DAS integrator will ensure that your building’s Distributed Antenna systems are efficient and effective and allow you to embrace the promise of 5G. A 5G-capable DAS also ensures that your infrastructure is positioned to support the bandwidth capabilities of 5G, and also provides the capability to deploy wireless Building Management IoT technology for climate control, contactless access controls, surveillance and other Building Management Solutions. Additionally, if you are a building owner, it is possible to realize revenue from commercial carriers by providing roof and access rights.

Why choose WIN Connectivity?

20+ years in this industry

With over 20 years in this industry as a DAS integrator, we have proven experience and can be counted on to deliver your DAS on-time and on-target. Our relationships with commercial cellular carriers and unique technology funding models ensure that your structure’s wireless needs will be met today and in the future. Additionally, our keen understanding of what it takes to deliver on a project of this significant magnitude will ensure that project timelines are met and expectations are exceeded.

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