WIN or Enterprise Owned and Operated

Mobility is inextricably tied to business continuity, now more than ever. The days where the traditional 3PO thrived on carrier funding are no longer.  Enterprises can no longer rely on carrier funding to deploy in-building cellular infrastructure.  A conflation of reasons is causing this, but nevertheless, enterprises need to react quickly in order to ensure they provide optimal User Experience (UX).  This is due to a variety of reasons, but WIN has an answer.  WIN Owned and Operated is a fresh approach to enterprise cellular communications, freeing the enterprise to focus on business outcomes while we work out the details of your mobile needs. WIN Owned and Operated is:

  • 5G ready
  • Designed, built and managed by WIN
  • Truly neutral host
  • Funded by WIN
  • Increases the velocity to market for advanced cellular services

A WIN owned network is initially funded by WIN. It is designed, built and made operational only after 2 carriers have committed to participating. WIN’s investment is recovered from the carriers through a mix of cap ex and op ex payments over the course of the agreement. WIN maintains, owns and operates the network for the term. This approach can take a substantial amount of time as it is dependent on getting interest, budget availability and timing aligned with 2 different parties. If the owner does not have the capital or operating funding available, this is an option to consider, but requires patience.

Enterprise Owned

The building owner fully funds all aspects of the network design, build and management and WIN executes on the plan. WIN acts as an integrator, providing the expertise to design, build and turn-up the network. It is owned by the Enterprise and can be self-managed or WIN can be contracted to provide management andmaintenance. WIN can assist in working to bring the carriers to the network or this can be handled directly by the Enterprise. The benefit to the Enterprise is they control the entire process and own the asset. The downside is that the Enterprise takes on all of the liability, resource coordination and support requirements.

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