WIN Owned and Operated or Enterprise Owned and Operated

Mobility is inextricably tied to business continuity, now more than ever. WIN offers a variety of funding solutions to ensure your connectivity needs are met with the right solution and the right financial model.

Enterprises can no longer rely on carrier funding to deploy in-building cellular infrastructure.  Nevertheless, enterprises need to react quickly in order to ensure they provide optimal User Experience (UX).  WIN has an answer. WIN Owned and Operated is a fresh approach to enterprise cellular communications, freeing the enterprise to focus on business outcomes while we work out the details of your mobile needs. (Paragraph space) Enterprise Owned and Operated allows the building owner or property manager to fully fund all aspects of the network design and build-out, and WIN executes on the plan.

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With our innovative approach to funding, WIN substantially lowers the cost threshold and other barriers to entry, to include cellular carrier participation and commitment

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WIN Connectivity can design, build, and operate cost-efficient, consumable networks. Find out how in this white paper.

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