Precision Agriculture and Food Production

Precision Agriculture, is defined as the use of advanced technological solutions and services to improve, manage, and control the farming activities involved in pre-production, in-production, and post-production. Smart Farming is not a myth or science fiction – recent events have shown us that it can and SHOULD be here today. Smart farming can consist of one or more of several technologies that can help food producers achieve exciting and efficient results:

  • IoT Sensors for detection
  • Computer Vision for recognition
  • Cloud Data fusion using Deep Learning to support augmented decision-making, just-in-time applications and forecasting models enabling more efficient use of crop lands and climate preparations
  • Autonomous vehicles for spraying, harvesting and visualization, which can alleviate labor shortages and virtually reduce the massive geographic expanses of crop fields

All of these technologies, individually or in union, rely on a rock-solid communications network due to their latency sensitivity. This network will predominantly be ”Over the Air.” Private LTE (CBRS) is a nascent communications technology that can be leveraged to facilitate a high-speed, secure communications backbone for Precision Agriculture.

WIN can help you understand how to achieve the benefits of Precision Agriculture through the use of advanced communications. With a Private LTE network, evolvable to 5G, food producers can realize the benefits of:

  • Collection of massive amounts of ”on the ground” data to achieve microclimate optimization
  • Improvements of harvest quality and accuracy
  • Business continuity during periods of workforce displacement or unavailability

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