MTU | MDU | Mixed Use Developments

Multi-Tenant and Mixed-Use developments are one of the most popular product types in the U.S. real estate development sector. Developers and investors alike are increasingly seeking out opportunities to integrate product types in order to achieve the ultimate goal of creating destinations that draw residents, tenants, visitors and patrons to engage, interact, live, shop, work and play.  These types of developments solve several problems:

  • Effective land use in supply constrained areas
  • Meeting consumer demand for optimal locations close to work and fun

Multi-Dwelling and Mixed-Use properties must have reliable over-the-air connections to provide for the following types of connectivity solutions:

  • Carrier cellular and emergency service capability for units that are in the inside of the perimeter and suffer from weak signal
  • Simple IoT and applications such as alarms and alerts, monitoring | diagnostics and maintenance dispatch
  • Compound applications such as asset management, safety solutions vendor equipment support for HVAC, water and other utilities, and building automation

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