Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Manufacturing and Supply Chain technologies have rapidly advanced on every level. Industrial IOT solutions encompass an immense space in technology, whether it is workplace safety, efficiency reporting, inventory and asset tracking and Robotics Process Automation (RPA).

Thanks to advanced wireless communications technologies and deregulation of portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, over-the-air solutions exist to facilitate implementation of these new manufacturing and supply chain automation modalities. A private LTE network that can evolve to 5G, coupled with Cloud resources, allow business and process owners to deploy these intelligent sensors in a more cost-efficient way than the standard terrestrial / cable-based approach.

The benefits that this advanced networking approach can provide are broad:

  • Intrinsically secure network | IoT Segmentation
  • Enhanced efficiency and functionality
  • Pinpoint manufacturing diagnostics and Machine-to-Machine communications
  • Cost savings in equipment purchases and maintenance costs (remote telemetry and maintenance) for your equipment
  • Predictive maintenance through machine-level prognostics
  • Safety, accountability and productivity improvements
  • Ability to realize ROI for IoT devices that have broad feature sets
  • Business continuity during times of workforce displacement or reduction

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