Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Manufacturing and Supply Chain technologies have rapidly advanced on every level. Industrial IOT solutions encompass an immense space in technology, whether it is workplace safety, efficiency reporting, inventory and asset tracking and Robotics Process Automation (RPA).

Thanks to advanced wireless communications technologies and deregulation of portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, over-the-air solutions exist to facilitate implementation of these new manufacturing and supply chain automation modalities. A Cloud-enabled private 4G/5G network creates a path to Industry 4.0 and Agriculture 4.0 in a cost-efficient and extensible way.

What would you do with nearly unlimited, intrinsically secure bandwidth and high data speeds that stretch over miles, rather than meters? Find out how in this white paper.

WIN can help you design, build and operate Software Defined 4G/5G Private Networks so you can focus on your business velocity – without limits!

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