Large Public Venues

Today’s fans are demanding, when it comes to reliable wireless service. Whether attending their favorite artist’s concert, or living the ultimate fan experience at a sporting event. Optimal wireless connectivity is a critical enabler for the fan experience… If fans can’t post their experience on social media as it is happening — it didn’t happen.   Fast, reliable and consistent wireless connectivity provides:

  • A memorable event experience for your fans
  • Guaranteed channels for your stadium crew as they work behind the scenes
  • Dedicated, intrinsically secure bandwidth for your compliance and regulatory needs such as PCI (Payment Card Industry) terminals
  • Public safety communications – critical in today’s security environment

There are many options available for venue owners to deploy wireless infrastructure to support today’s evolving and ongoing fan demand for wireless services such as Cellular DAS, Public Safety DAS, Wi-Fi and Private LTE Networks.

Whether it comes to building an initial Private LTE Network using CBRS or deploying or upgrading an existing DAS or Wi-Fi system, WIN has decades of experience in enabling customers to provide optimal, extensible and future-ready wireless solutions.   WIN can provide you a custom based solution whether it is to allow entry to the next fan, maintain safety for all the fans and staff or deliver that next hot dog or hamburger to the fans in their seats.   WIN will consult with your IT team to develop and deploy the right solution for your venue.

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