As digital transformation accelerates within the healthcare industry, secure and ample wireless connectivity has become essential to healthcare organizations and their facilities. Patient care delivery and more efficient ways to manage day-to-day business has been reimagined, thanks to the pervasive use of mobile and IOT devices, coupled with increased bandwidth and wireless connectivity. Optimizing wireless connectivity helps hospitals enable remote telemedicine, ambient technologies to reduce practitioner workloads, patient monitoring devices, fast access to EHR records for doctors and nurses and better-managed critical medical infrastructure. Health care organizations understand that weak wireless solutions and bad cellular signaling makes it more difficult to attract and retain doctors and critical staff, as well as offer next-generation patient care. This leads to less patients and revenue.


Partnering with WIN means twenty plus years of solid performance in providing the optimal wireless connectivity solution based on their requirements. Whether it’s a combination of distributed antenna systems and small cells or a secure CBRS-based private LTE solution, WIN will consult with your healthcare IT team to deploy the ideal solution that best fits your needs and situation.

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