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Perhaps now more than ever, as we take into account the lessons learned of COVID-19, connectivity for education (K-12, Colleges and Universities) needs to be reconsidered. The displacement of K-12 students during COVID-19 highlighted a need for significant changes in educational modalities and the respective IT solutions to address them.

Institutional learning at all levels demands access to reliable internet connections.  Students, teachers, and staff must have reliable access to the wealth of information and data stored across the web. Whether it is 4G / 5G, CBRS, Private LTE, Wi-Fi, or other technology, the valuable information needs a reliable delivery method via infrastructure. WIN has decades of experience in delivering just that. Our technology approach starts with identifying your strategic needs, followed with architecture design and validation. We close the loop with implementation and operational support to help you realize a solid return on investment and even better end-user experience for your student constituencies.

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