Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate takes many forms. Whether it is Class A, Mixed Use, Mult-Dwelling or Industrial, one thing is clear: In terms of communications needs, ubiquitous wireless coverage is a requirement, not an amenity.

The delivery on this promise to CRE is currently in a major transition. For the better part of the last decade, the majority of this effort has been driven by mobile network operators (MNO) funding 100% of the network deployments. In that time, less than 3% of the in-building addressable US market has been covered (primarily focused on the “NFL” cities)- at an expense of over $400 billion. With coverage and capacity demands increasing everywhere, it is a foregone conclusion that continuing with this approach is not sustainable. Therefore, new models have emerged that place the CRE owner square in the middle of deciding when, what, and how to invest in the infrastructure to satisfy tenants. 

WIN has focused on reimagining how to help CRE owners accomplish this. Highly flexible financial models that structure the transaction in a way that suits the owner’s requirements and focus on providing cost effective solutions. Our consultative sales team will work to help understand your needs and to develop a solution that delivers.

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