Enabling Technologies and the COVID-19 Response

The Human Spirit is highly adaptable. For eons humans have survived, and thrived through some of the darkest days imaginable. Through those days, some of humanity’s greatest inventions were created, out of either desire or necessity. Our response to COVID-19 will be no different, especially given the explosion of technology applications in the last twenty years, and the growth of computing “in the Cloud”. Technology allows us to adapt to these dangers in ways that our forefathers and predecessors, even in the previous century could not fathom.

COVID-19 has shown us, in particular, a focus area to apply the next generation of wireless technology. The displaced student body has exacerbated even further a condition known as “the Homework Gap.” Download the white paper to discover how the next generation of wireless technology can help to close or even eliminate the Homework Gap. We focus on how some participants in our educational system have been left far behind given the new normal for schooling at home; how newly emerging technology can be applied in innovative ways to ensure that all educational participants have access to online learning and collaboration technologies such as Zoom and Google Classroom; and how these new education modalities can benefit the students even when life gets back to “normal.”