CBRS and Industry 4.0

Private LTE and Industry 4.0

What would you do with nearly unlimited, intrinsically secure bandwidth and high data speeds that stretch over miles, rather than meters?

A recently democratized portion of the spectrum by the FCC (CBRS, called the “Innovation Band”). To learn more about CBRS and how the spectrum is organized for access by users, please see this link. Also known also as Private LTE, this capability is a force multiplier for digital business transformation initiatives. This document discusses how WIN Connectivity’s Private LTE solution can help the Highly Connected Enterprise achieve strategic IT transformation goals, while achieving a beneficial Return on Investment (ROI) dramatically enabling by adopting our Connectivity-as-a-Service.

Industrial IoT (IIoT) is changing the way manufacturers conduct their operations. Automation, optimization, and big data are shaping decisions in near-real time to optimize manufacturing and logistics operations. Let’s discuss a few relevant terms that might be used interchangeably.