Advanced wireless networking using Private 4G | 5G networks facilitate burgeoning applications for Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives. These include:

  • Connected | smart robotics and autonomous factory vehicles
  • Wearable technology for workplace safety and efficiency tracking
  • Augmented Reality for at-a-glance view for machine operators
  • Predictive maintenance on expensive manufacturing equipment
  • Connected job site technologies (tool location monitoring, progress measurement).

Massive IoT differs significantly from the legacy M2M (Machine to Machine) communications that have been prevalent in manufacturing for decades. However, in many cases, M2M is still important in manufacturing concerns and industrial automation (SCADA environments) where Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) are in use. “Connecting” these systems to the business process owners is vitally important. Because of the nature of these systems, technologies such as LoRaWAN and other low-bandwidth, long-distance protocols have been used to create these “island” or “spur” network segments. By overlaying Private 4G | 5G networks into the industrial communications stack, these SCADA-oriented datasets can be collected and transported using an intrinsically-secure, hardened, and bandwidth rich network that stretches miles instead of meters.

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