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Delivering ubiquitous wireless connectivity coverage through multiple technology solutions

WIN is the nation’s leading provider of connectivity solutions for all types of properties and facilities. We’ve worked hard to forge strong relationships with all mobile network carriers, as well as enterprises ranging in size from 20 to 20,000 employees.

We’re passionate about helping our clients overcome wireless signal propagation issues and ensuring voice and data coverage via a vast array of technologies. In fact, we’re the only provider who offers a 100% guarantee of ubiquitous coverage in the building segments we’re hired to address.


WIN was founded in 1997 to provide comprehensive, candid advisement on new and burgeoning wireless technologies. With a focus on RF design, engineering, deployment and management, WIN was a pioneer and pre-cursory Wi-Fi integrator specializing in K-12 and higher education wireless infrastructures even before Wi-Fi was introduced to the marketplace.

In early 2003, WIN branched out into the cellular spectrum and quickly grew to become the nation’s premier RF integrator for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) within Class A office buildings and mixed-use properties. In a market clouded by unscrupulous claims from a recent influx of new “experts” in the industry, WIN has forged a unique reputation for knowledge, candor and integrity, which our clients and mobile network operators appreciate.


If you’re considering a connectivity solution for your property, WIN is different in all the right ways.

Experience with complex networks design and implementation

WIN has two decades of experience in the installation and implementation of complex wireless and terrestrial networks in in Class A high-rises, healthcare systems and educational campuses. We understand our customers’ concerns regarding future-ready, secure solutions. Our team of experts can help your organization choose the right technology to solve your use cases.

Whether it is a high-traffic office complex, expansive warehouse spaces, healthcare campuses or advanced educational networks to close the Digital Divide, WIN is the right partner to help you achieve your business outcomes.

Superior Operational Expertise

We’ve been implementing connectivity solutions for over 20 years. To ensure that our customers are able to adapt the latest wireless technology as the funding models change, we offer Connectivity-as-a-Service (SaaS). Using our blend of technology expertise and focus on customer success.

CaaS ensures that your users can receive optimal Quality of Experience while you focus on your business outcomes.

A Team Dedicated to Customer Success

We believe the best connectivity solutions are a combination of optimized User Experience, facilitation of business outcomes and success criteria and the right cost option. That’s why we keep our customer engagement process transparent and maintain continuous communications with all stakeholders in equation. Mobile network. That’s why we are called WIN.

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