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Hotel Wireless Solutions

Guest satisfaction depends on connectivity

Hotels are in the business of providing a comfortable experience for their guests. In today’s world, that experience requires wireless connectivity, so guests can communicate with each other as well as with their loved ones and offices back home. When you work with WIN, you’ll get a wireless infrastructure that ensures guest satisfaction and loyalty, keeps staff productive, and improves operational efficiency and safety.

  • Wireless Infrastructure Options to Meet Your Needs

    We’ll work with you to customize and integrate distributed antenna system (DAS), enterprise small cell and / or alternative Wi-Fi solutions for your hotel. We’ll provide all the wireless equipment and install your vendor- and carrier-neutral solution without disrupting your guests or detracting from property aesthetics.

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  • Communication Solutions for Convenience and Safety

    Through our network of strategic partners, we’ll help you implement cutting-edge technologies that allow staff and on-site restaurants and other businesses to send personalized communications to your guests. Our reliable infrastructure ensures delivery of every message — from dinner coupons to room-service updates and emergency alerts.

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  • Monitoring and Maintenance for Solution Optimization

    After installation, we’ll help you monitor and optimize your hotel wireless solution to deliver 100% guaranteed ubiquitous coverage, even if your hotel expands and your needs evolve. Our best-practice advice will keep you ahead of the technology curve and help you avoid common pitfalls along the way.

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  • Happy Hotel Guests say:

    “I have to travel a lot for work, and I only book hotels where I can get a reliable cell signal in my room. I can stay on top of work obligations, but more importantly, I can stay connected to my family while I’m on the road.” — Fortune 500 Executive
  • Happy Building Owners say:

    “WIN had the best bid, the best contract, the best installation time frame and the least disruptive implementation plan out of all the proposals we received.” — John Lyons
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Why Connectivity Matters

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