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High-Rise Cell Phone Reception In The Suburbs

The connectivity your tenants need — scaled for your needs

Cellular connectivity isn’t just a big-city problem anymore. Rising data usage is overwhelming cell towers in the suburbs, too, resulting in reception problems that lower your tenants’ productivity and satisfaction. But WIN can eliminate these problems with an in-building distributed antenna system (DAS) or other wireless connectivity solution. We’ll work with you to ensure that the solution keeps your tenants and employees productive and satisfied while meeting your unique building needs — with no unnecessary complexity or costs. It’s the key to your competitive edge!

  • Wireless Infrastructure Options to Meet Your Needs

    We’ll work with you and your stakeholders to customize a DAS, enterprise small cell or alternative Wi-Fi solution to ensure cell phone reception in your building. Every option is vendor- and carrier-neutral, scalable and 100% guaranteed to provide ubiquitous coverage.

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  • Communication Solutions for Convenience and Safety

    Through our network of strategic partners, we’ll help you implement cutting-edge technologies that allow for personalized communication with everyone in the building. Our reliable infrastructure ensures delivery of every message — from coffee-shop coupons to building maintenance updates and emergency alerts.

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  • Funding Options with Long-term Returns

    WIN offers flexible funding options and will work with you to find a financing solution that meets your requirements. We source funding whenever possible and secure carrier participation upfront, so your infrastructure delivers value upon installation.

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  • Happy Property Managers say:

    “WIN has made a very good impression with us because they found a solution at our building to get AT&T on board.” — Tom Irvine
  • Happy Carriers say:

    “We are officially on-air, thanks to WIN. They did a great job keeping the project on plan dates. Thank you for doing such a great job building and commissioning the system.” — AT&T
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