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Leveraging DAS In-Building Wireless and Other Solutions

Communication Solution Development

From our strategic partners who specialize in cutting-edge building communication applications to our best-practice consultation and installation of scalable infrastructure — our goal is to help you get the most out of your distributed antenna system (DAS) or other connectivity solution. These technologies allow your staff to communicate with everyone in the building for both convenience and safety reasons — while allowing building automation systems to stay seamlessly connected for maximum operational efficiency.

  • Smart Building Technologies

    Today’s smart technologies enhance the experience for everyone in your building and bring significant cost savings to your building’s bottom line. It’s all made possible through reliable connectivity within the facility. We’ll help you leverage your DAS or other connectivity solution through our network of strategic partners to meet your smart building goals — today and into the future.

  • Location-based Services with Beacon Technology

    We can help you optimize your wireless connectivity infrastructure to enable location-based services, including iBeacon technology. These technology services allow you and on-site businesses to provide location-specific messages within your building. Imagine telling everyone on the tenth floor that the carpets will be cleaned tonight, or sending tenants a coffee coupon as they pass the coffee shop in your lobby. The possibilities are endless, and each communication builds loyalty between you and the people in your building.

  • Public Safety and Reliable Coverage

    In the event of an emergency, public safety is paramount. That’s why many states have started requiring a minimum standard of wireless connectivity in commercial buildings. Certain building materials and layouts can interfere with wireless signals, impairing your ability to send emergency alerts to tenants and disrupting two-way radio signals that allow first responders to communicate effectively with each other. Our technical experts can help you implement an infrastructure for reliable communications to allow for a fast, effective response to public safety concerns.

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