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Designing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Small Cells and More

Infrastructure Design & Execution

We’ll work with you to design the right DAS or other wireless infrastructure solution to ensure cellular connectivity in your building now and into the future. We’ll take into account any materials that block cell signals, such as metal structures or the low‑e glass common in LEED‑certified buildings — ensuring connectivity in every corner of every floor. We’ll monitor your solution and make adjustments as needed to guarantee ongoing coverage.

  • Vendor‑ and Carrier‑neutral DAS

    WIN designs DAS solutions for commercial and residential buildings of all kinds, from high‑rises to hospitals. We’ll collaborate to determine the right products for you, selecting modular components to create scalable, vendor‑ and carrier‑neutral platforms that accommodate future changes. Then we’ll work with you throughout installation and integration to ensure an efficient process, minimize disruption to the people in your building and preserve your architectural aesthetics. We’ll manage every step to be sure your final DAS solution meets the needs of all parties.

  • Enterprise Small Cell and Alternative Coverage Technology

    WIN’s small cell and alternative coverage technology solutions can provide reliable indoor cellular coverage for mid‑rise buildings, low‑rise buildings and other venues. These solutions are ideal for small businesses and those that might need to redistribute their workspaces or expand onto other floors. Additionally, we can provide Wi‑Fi as an amenity, independent of your DAS or small cell solution.

  • Monitoring and Maintenance

    After installation, we proactively manage our DAS and small cell solutions in real time to ensure 100% coverage, 24/7. We do that by running a network operations center (NOC) for our clients, just like the mobile network carriers do for their customers. We also perform audits of each client’s property twice a year to identify outside network changes that might impact our installed solutions, and we take the necessary steps to guarantee continued reliable coverage.

What Makes Us Different

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