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Funding Options for DAS & Other Connectivity Solutions

Funding Consultation

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) and other connectivity solutions can cost millions of dollars, but our funding options minimize your upfront expenses and help ensure long-term monetized returns. Depend on WIN for a solution that delivers the greatest mutual benefit — for building owners, mobile network carriers and tenants alike.

Other solution integrators retain ownership of the systems they install — and require a long‑term commitment to technologies that will rapidly become outdated. But we believe ownership belongs with the properties and mobile network carriers. This way, those who invest in the solution directly benefit from the returns, and the technologies can be updated more easily. Talk to us about which option is best for you, and we’ll coordinate all the agreements.

  • Property‑owned and ‑funded DAS

    Properties that own and fund their own DAS solutions have the most direct impact on keeping tenants happy with their indoor cell service while maintaining control of the property’s technology road map for the future. In this funding option, WIN works with the building owner to find one or more carriers to pay for the base transceiver station (BTS). Then WIN handles the DAS design and installation process, as well as long‑term monitoring and maintenance.

  • Carrier‑owned and ‑funded DAS

    Mobile network carriers that own and fund a DAS solution get a competitive edge in providing cell coverage to tenants of a particular building. The anchor carrier proposes the solution to the building owner, pays WIN for design and installation, and performs ongoing maintenance. The anchor carrier can recoup costs by inviting other carriers to come onto the DAS.

  • WIN‑funded Infrastructure

    WIN can take on the cost to fund a DAS solution and create a unique payment structure. This funding option gives the property not only a connected infrastructure, but also a trusted partner to enhance the property over the length of the contract. Through our stragetic partners, WIN can bring solutions to the table that potentially generate revenue for the property via location-based marketing.

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