Whether your building is a high-rise, hotel, hospital or other structure, the people on your property all have one thing in common: They need cellular connectivity in order to be happy there. It’s not just about giving people the ability to stay in touch with co-workers, friends and family. It’s also about helping them feel informed, cared for and safe through location-based communications related to building maintenance, on-site business coupons and emergency alerts.

When people feel connected to the property where they live, work or visit, they feel more loyal to it. Tenants renew their leases, guests come back, staff member turnover is reduced, and you see a boost in online reviews — giving you a real competitive edge. The best way to build this sense of loyalty is by helping everyone on your property understand the value of in-building connectivity upfront and involving them in the implementation process. Here’s how:

1. Gather feedback.

Start by asking the people on your property about the quality of the cell service inside your building. You might not realize your top-floor tenants experience frustrations or that service in your lobby or atrium drops during the busiest times of day, when people need it most. You can gather this feedback through tenant and employee surveys, in-person meetings and casual hallway encounters. Use the method(s) that seems most natural and convenient for your building. Your tenants, staff and visitors will feel empowered by voicing their frustrations to someone who’s willing to listen and wants to make improvements.

2. Communicate your plan for improvement.

Once you know where the frustrations lie, you can begin to address them. Work with a technology expert to evaluate your building’s existing wireless infrastructure and the changes required to ensure ubiquitous connectivity. Keep your tenants and staff informed about the process, including:

  • The steps and timeline for implementation. Installation can take as little as a few weeks, depending on the size of your building.
  • How tenants and staff will be personally affected. If you work with WIN, installation will happen around the unique schedules of tenants and staff to ensure minimal disruption.
  • A clear understanding of the ultimate value. All of your tenants and staff should know that the connectivity solution in your building is an exclusive amenity using top-of-the-line technology. If visitors happen to see workers installing or optimizing the solution, your staff should be prepared to explain its value.

3. Demonstrate your commitment to long-term tenant and staff satisfaction.

Just as WIN continues to optimize your solution after installation, you should also continue to communicate its value. WIN can help you extend the value through location-based services and other in-building communications. Plus, be sure to include ubiquitous connectivity in your marketing materials to help you attract future business. Anyone who has experienced connectivity issues will immediately see the advantage — and stay loyal to you because of it.