More Data Technologies Require More In-building Cell Service

Mobile network carriers are racing to enhance bandwidth for their customers. New 4G LTE networks and cloud computing help — but people can’t take advantage of these technologies if they can’t get reliable connectivity where they work and live.

The ability to off-load traffic from carrier networks through a distributed antenna system (DAS) or enterprise small cell is the key to connectivity. Yet fewer than 2% of today’s commercial and public buildings have dedicated indoor wireless solutions to help with this issue. If you’re a building owner and can’t provide connectivity for the people who live, work or visit there, they’ll find a building that can. And if you’re a carrier with customers who can’t get reliable in-building cell service, they’ll look for another provider.

Additionally, in-building connectivity will become more critical as smart technologies become more available and the internet of things continues to expand. Taking full advantage of these technologies will require a reliable infrastructure.

In-building cellular connectivity. It’s the key to customer and employee satisfaction.