Cellular Connectivity Experts

Our People

Here’s How We WIN

Get to know the people responsible for the success of our in-building cellular connectivity solutions. Our expertise and proactive, collaborative approach make all the difference!

  • Chukwuma Agba Senior Technical Sales Manager “WIN has always had an innate ability to bring talented people together, and it shows in the success of our deployments.”
  • Scott F. Ahern Vice President & General Manager “We’re considered the No.1 integration firm for a reason — that’s because of our people and the exceptional services they provide our clients.”
  • Heidi Coffey Director of Business Development “WIN’s highly experienced team of DAS professionals, outstanding customer service and attention to detail is our recipe for success. At WIN we only strive for excellence!”
  • Ben Collins Vice President of Service Model Deployment “WIN is never satisfied with our successes in the here and now. We are constantly striving to discover, if not create what the next major market move will be.”
  • Michael A. Coniglio Jr. Vice President of Finance & Operations “We are a team of highly skilled, creative and diversely talented individuals that come together as a unit to create a company that caters to our customers.”
  • Michael A. Coniglio III Project Manager “We are trailblazers, always focused on the horizon and what innovations lie ahead.”
  • Thomas K. Crotty Chief Executive Officer “We pride ourselves on our RF engineering and project management prowess, and our intent and proven ability to smother our clients with unmatched service.”
  • Geoffrey A. Hammer Senior Engineering Solutions Manager “WIN has the ability to adapt in an ever-changing environment while always considering customer needs and the influx of wireless technologies.”
  • Brian Hough Vice President of Sales “WIN’s strategic approach to understanding the dynamic market changes allows us to successfully adapt and exceed our customer’s needs and expectations.”
  • Steven Ignacek Senior RF Engineering Manager “WIN doesn’t settle for cookie-cutter designs or deployments. We customize every project based on actual data, building architecture and client needs.”
  • Richard Janes RF Engineer “WIN is committed to excellence and quality. We take no shortcuts and take pride in our work.”
  • Keith Lewitzke Senior Project Manager “WIN’s project management methodology optimizes solutions for the unique requirements of building owners and tenants, as well as carriers.”
  • Andrew Maier President “We are the best due to our experience, focus and ability to quickly adapt to market trends in the mobile industry.”
  • John W. McLaughlin Vice President of Business Development “We’re the best DAS integrator because we have the finest people in the industry with the experience and expertise to deliver excellence to our clients.”
  • Shamus McLaughlin Senior Project Manager “WIN is the best because of our keen attention to detail and strong commitment to quality.”
  • Carissa Palaszynski Operations Manager “WIN is experienced, knowledgeable and responsive to an ever-changing environment. Quality and customer satisfaction is our priority.”
  • Mark Ruthenberg RF Engineer “WIN is a diverse team of talented professionals, dedicated to bringing fast and powerful cellular coverage to customers nationwide.”
  • Anthony Staine RF Engineer “WIN has a strong sense of personal ownership and responsibility for each and every project, at all levels of the organization, from start to finish.”
  • John Wyskiel Senior Project Manager “We win by never assuming. We meticulously review every opportunity and customize our approach with our clients in mind, ensuring their satisfaction.”