Optimizing Smart Building Technologies

Our Partners

WIN partners with smart building technology providers to enhance the value of our clients' in-building connectivity solutions. It's all part of our commitment to helping building owners keep their tenants happy.

Our Partners:

WZC Networking

WZC Networking offers comprehensive design and installation services to help you cost-effectively deploy, secure and manage network access across your wireless, wired and remote infrastructures. Whether designing a secure mobility framework for BYOD or deploying Wi-Fi at large public venues, our engineers have the RF expertise and in-depth technical know-how to put you on the fast-track to success the right way.

With over 20 years of in the field experience, WZC Networking are industry leaders in designing and implementing wireless network solutions for commercial enterprises.


In-telligent provides the In-telligent mass notification mobile application. With In-telligent, tenants receive real-time announcements and alerts regarding emergencies, traffic, weather and news. Tenants can also use the app to quickly and easily communicate with building managers.

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The Growing Trend in Smart Building Technologies

Smart building technology development is on the rise, with global spending on these solutions expected to reach $17.4 billion by 2019. It's no wonder they're so popular; intelligent technologies promise to deliver efficiency improvements in terms of energy usage as well as operations. But building owners can't fully realize these cost-saving benefits without building-wide connectivity.

Enhancing the Value of Smart Technologies with Connectivity

In order to provide reliable in-building connectivity to tenants, buildings need a distributed antenna system (DAS) solution. A DAS infrastructure provides the connectivity that allows building managers to access smart system apps and controls from any location in the building. DAS also benefits tenants, allowing them to use the full functionality of their mobile devices throughout the building, where macro cell signals from outside can be weak or unreliable. If building owners want happy tenants, a DAS solution is simply a no-brainer – especially because it can truly pay for itself. WIN can fund the DAS upfront, and building owners can pay the investment back through revenue gained from our partners' smart app advertisers. After the investment is recouped, the building owner keeps the additional advertising revenue.

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