If you’re considering a cellular connectivity solution such as a distributed antenna system (DAS) for your building, work with WIN. We’re different in all the right ways.

Experience with the Most Discriminating Clients

We’ve integrated connectivity solutions since the technology was developed. In the early years, most of our clients managed Class A high-rises with high-profile tenants in major metropolitan areas. As a result, we are extremely sensitive to concerns about security and noise during installation, and the need to keep hardware out of sight as much as possible. With 20 years of experience, we’ve streamlined our process so your solution starts delivering value upon deployment.

Your Source for Complete Solutions

Other DAS integrators and alternative solution providers specialize in specific technologies, project management or engineering, but WIN does it all well. You’ll work with a team adept at handling every step of your project — from design to installation to ongoing maintenance. Most importantly, we’re experts at handling all the planning, coordination and communication with all project stakeholders.

Design to Support LEED Certification Goals

If your building is LEED-certified or will be soon, talk to WIN about ensuring connectivity as part of your process. An in-building connectivity solution will be essential because low-emissivity windows — popular in LEED-certified buildings — block exterior cell signals. Luckily, we have lots of experience designing solutions for this problem that help you meet all your green goals, as well as your budget.

A Team Dedicated to Mutual Benefit

We believe the best connectivity solutions are the ones that help all parties — building owners, mobile network carriers and cell phone users. That’s why we keep our process transparent and maintain open lines of communication with everyone involved. We’ve got positive relationships with all carriers, and we work to meet their requirements as well as the needs of building personnel and tenants. We’re quick to respond, and you’ll always get straight answers from us.

Upfront Funding and Solution Development

Other solution providers don’t secure carrier participation until after installation, so the technology sits idle for months or years until a carrier comes on board. But at WIN, we work upfront to secure carrier participation and funding so every solution provides coverage upon installation. We handle all other issues the same way, solving problems early so they don’t hold us up later.


WIN is iBwave Design–certified and the preferred third-party integrator of indoor connectivity solutions in the Class A office segment for both AT&T and Verizon Wireless.